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Project Overview

The Plug is an online editorial magazine that combines curated fashion content with trending news in technology. It is a perfect solution for fashion forward trendsetters who are also devotees of tech.

My role

Length:3 weeks

This was a partner project in which my…

Project Management: Agile

For the 2nd group project we focused on a local business. My group decided to look deeper into a local record store in the DC area. With this project we got a chance to work with Miro to create our infographics, and with Trello for project management using the Kanban

The first project during my Ironhack UX/UI Bootcamp was a group project. The task was to tackle a “Wicked Problem.”

A wicked problem is, essentially, a big problem with many things inside it that needs to be solved.

My group chose to tackle City Mobility.

The goal was to address…

For the first week of bootcamp, we jumped right into the content of User Experience and User-Centered Design with the introduction of the Lean Survey Canvas and talks of Surveys.

The purpose of the survey is to gather quantitative data about the user and their experience.

Surveys are a…

Leesa Williams

Wife and mom of four, aka CIRCUS RINGMASTER.

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